1989年、兵庫県生まれ。 主な音楽作品に『Uonotayu』(2010)、『The Sounds I couldn't Hear』(2014)、『S』(2016)。近年は、CM、インスタレーション、展示のサウンド・デザインも手がけており、主な近作には『Jens|PREVIEW 17SS』会場音楽、『Rhizomatiks Research x ELEVENPLAY:border』データ解析、『機会人間Alter』音楽/サウンドプログラムなどがある。

Born 1989 in Hyogo, Japan.
Ph.D. candidate, Univ. of Tokyo, Grad. Sch. of Art. and Sci.

CONTACT: doi [at]

Education 2015~ Ph.D. candidate, Univ. of Tokyo, Grad. Sch. of Art. and Sci.
2015 MSc, Univ. of Tokyo, Grad. Sch. of Art. and Sci.
2013 BSc, Tokyo Univ. of Sci., Fac. of Sci. and Tech., Department of Applied Biological Science

-music 2016 "Preview 16-17AW", Jens, Omotesando Garou, Tokyo jpn
"Bird Song Diamond2", Tsukuba Univ., Tsukuba Large Space, Tsukuba jpn
2015 "Preview 16SS", Jens, Shibuya (PLACE) by method, Tokyo jpn
"Preview 15-16AW", Jens, Nakameguro HAPPA, Tokyo jpn
2012 "TYP Exhibition. 01", SUNDAY ISSUE, shibuya, Tokyo jpn
2016 "Humanoid Alter", with Hiroshi Ishiguro Lab. & Takashi Ikegami Lab, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo jpn
2015 "絶・絶命展~ファッションとの遭遇", with Takashi Ikegami Lab, PARCO MUSEUM, shibuya, Tokyo jpn
2014 "The Sounds I couldn't Hear", Archived installation, details
"Bird Song Diamond", with Takashi Ikegami and Victoria Vensa, University of California, Los Angeles, United States of America
2012 "Hikari to Hikari", with So Nakayama, colissimo, Hyogo jpn, details

"Hikari to Hikari", with So Nakayama, moriokashoten, Tokyo jpn
2016 "PARADE FOR THE END OF THE WORLDnovation", Keiichiro Shibuya, Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris, fra details
2015 "border", RhizomatiksResearch × ELEVENPLAY, Omotesando Spiral, Tokyo jpn
"Dividual Plays ― 身体の無意識とシステムとの対話", YCAM Inter Lab, YCAM, yamaguchi, jpn
2014 "LUX 25th Anniversary "Bloom to Shine", LUX, Omote Sando Hills, Tokyo jpn
Publications 2016 "S", digital, SHINKARON
2014 "The Sounds I couldn't Hear", digital, Cotofu, details
2012 "When the whale turns her back to the sea", CD, Cotofu
2010 "Uonotayu", CD, Cotofu
-Compiration 2015 "SHINKARON COMPILATION Vol.2", digital, SHINKARON
2011 "ambient of TIME", CD, Whereabouts Records