Itsuki Doi


Born 1989 in Hyogo, Japan.
Ph.D. in Arts and Sciences (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo.)

Established Cotofu in 2010 as an independent record label and publishing house. He studied molecular biology and neuroscience at Tokyo University of Science as undergraduate. His main research topic is relations between individual behaviors and the collective behaviors of a social insect based on a complex system science. He has also been working as a sound artist. Recent his works include "Uonotayu" (CD, 2010)、"The Sounds I couldn't Hear" (web installation,2014), "Blues" (installation, 2017). Also, he is active in sound productions and software programmings for the exhibition/installation. Major recent work includes "Alter"(sound/software programming, Award of Distinction of Ars Electronica).

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contact: doi [at]